First encounter: "Yes puny Mortals, you stand before BAAL! Cower in terror. All creatures under the bright sky and dark earth call me MASTER. The mortal realm and infinity are MINE FOREVER! Bow before me or be thrown into the void and suffer a million deaths."
On defeat: "ARGGGHH! How is this possible? I am defeated! The guardians are restored and the mortal realm cleansed. All my work undone! You have triumphed, enjoy your moments in the sun. I WILL RETURN!"

Baal, or The Master, is the final Superboss found at level 5000. He will drop 110 Infinity Gems the first time you defeat him.

Baal's defeat heralds the end of the game at present. You can continue to play the game until more content is added - a New Game Plus option is likely to be added in future - or you can hard reset, which will allow you to start the game over again with all the Infinity Gems you earned in your previous game.

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