Billy Beefcake

Description: "Likes to work out. All day."
On defeat: "Hmprf, snort! I don't know who you are stranger but the land has gone crazy, if you're trying to put it right then count me in!"

Beefcake is the 8th Hero available to the player, appearing for the first time at level 35.

Skills Edit

Level Skill Name Icon Price Effect
10 Rend Rend 11B Increases Beefcake's

damage by 100%

25 Consume Consume 26.7B Increases Beefcake's

damage by 100%

50 Focus Focus 117B Increases Beefcake's

damage by 100%

75 Elixir of Strength ElixirOfStrength 515B Increases critical tap damage multiplier by 1

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