Lady Bless

Description: "Come closer, I won't bite. Much."
On defeat: "Oh no! What have I become? I must find who closed my mind to the light!"

Bless is the 13th Hero available to the player, first appearing on level 60.

Skills Edit

Level Skill Name Icon Price (Symbolic) Price (SN) Effect
10 Benediction Benediction 23.5AA 2.35E+16 Increases all Hero DPS by 25%
25 Heaven's Strike HeavensStrike 57.2AA 5.72E+16 Increases gold dropped by 25%
50 Last Prayer LastPrayer 251AA 2.51E+17 Increases Bless's damage by 100%
75 Ascend Ascend 1.1AB 1.10E+18 Increases Bless's damage by 100%
100 Eternal Guard EternalGuard 4.85AB 4.85E+18 Increases critical tap chance by 5%

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