Description: "Goes for the ankles, never misses."
On defeat: "Ho, ho, ho, look at you Mr Moosh! You're even bigger than last I saw you! Fine! I will join you, just make sure you have enough snacks for the big guy."

Lurch is the 17th available Hero. He appears for the first time on level 80.


Level Skill Name Icon Price (Symbolic) Price (SN) Effect
10 Hobble Hobble 2.73AC 2.73E+21 Increases Lurch's damage by 100%
25 Crunch Crunch 6.64AC 6.64E+21 Increases Lurch's damage by 100%
50 Blackjack Blackjack 29.2AC 2.92E+22 Increases Lurch's damage by 100%
75 Skull Crush SkullCrush 128AC 1.28E+23 Increases Lurch's damage by 100%
100 Decimate Decimate 563AC 5.63E+23 Increases Critical Tap Multiplier by 1

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