Description: "The last army to attack him hasn't been seen since."
On defeat: "Urgh Moosh remembers a doctor ... Moosh ran from doctor. Moosh no want to be an experiment!"

Moosh is the 14th Hero available to the player, appearing at level 70.


Level Skill Name Icon Price (Symbolic) Price (SN) Effect
10 Rake Rake 8.02AB 8.02E+18 Increases Moosh's damage by 100%
25 Infection Infection 19.5AB 1.95E+19 Increases Moosh's damage by 100%
50 Virus Virus 85.6AB 8.56E+19 Increases Moosh's damage by 100%
75 Plague Plague 376AB 3.76E+20 Increases Moosh's damage by 100%
100 Zombie Bite ZombieBite 1.65AC 1.65E+21 Increases Tap Damage by % of DPS by 1%

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