Spell unlocked

A new spell is available. Those bosses better watch out

Spells are abilities that are automatically unlocked as you progress through the ranks. After a spell is unlocked, you can activate it by tapping on it or pressing the appropriate trigger key (1 to 0 on the keyboard). Each spell has a cooldown period during which you cannot use it again, though the cooldown period can be reduced by spending Infinity Tokens on the Guardian skill Time Crunch.

You can see your Spells and upgrade them by accessing the Spellbook in the bottom right corner of the game, or pressing B on PC versions of the game.

Spells will only remain active if the game is also active. If you close the window, close the app, or lock your phone/tablet then the spells will not continue to work.


Spell Name Rank Unlocked Base Cooldown Minimum Cooldown Effect
Tapps Attacks! 5 15m 7.5m Automatic taps
Lucky Strikes 10 15m 7.5m Increased chance of critical taps
Targeted Hits 15 15m 7.5m Increased tap damage
Strange Brew 20 30m 15m Increased dps
Loot King 25 30m 15m Increased gold drop
Endless Focus 50 1hr 30m Increased experience
Tombstone 75 2hr 1hr Reduced monster health
Liquid Infinity 100 2hr 1hr Guaranteed drop of infinity tokens and gems on bosses
Monstrous Strength 125 2hr 1hr Idle mode cannot be broken for duration of spell
Boss Rush 150 4hr 2hr Rush through boss levels, skipping all normal levels inbetween
Ascension* 500-3000 n/a n/a Reset your rank but receive greater DPS bonuses for each rank
  • Ascension is unlike other Spells. It cannot be upgraded, it costs Infinity Tokens to activate and the rank required to unlock it depends on your number of previous Ascensions. For full information regarding the Ascension system, see the Ascension page.

Upgrading SpellsEdit

From the spellbook, it is possible to upgrade each spell except Ascension using Infinity Tokens. Spells have five tiers: Novice, Artisan, Expert, Master and Divine.

Upgrade CostsEdit

Rank Cost
Novice n/a
Artisan 100 tokens
Expert 2,000 tokens
Master 40,000 tokens
Divine 800,000 tokens

Upgrade EffectsEdit


Novice Artisan Expert Master Divine
Tapps Attacks! 4 taps/s for 15s 8 taps/s for 30s 12 taps/s for 45s 16 taps/s for 60s 20 taps/s for 75s
Lucky Strikes +12.5% for 15s +25% for 30s +37.5% for 45s +50% for 60s +62.5% for 75s
Targeted Hits +50% for 15s +100% for 30s +150% for 45s +200% for 60s +250% for 75s
Strange Brew
Loot King
Endless Focus +100% for 3m +200% for 6m +300% for 9m +400% for 12m +500% for 15m
Tombstone 7.5% for 30s 15% for 60s 22.5% for 90s 30% for 120s 37.5% for 150s
Liquid Infinity 30s 60s 90s 120s 150s
Monstrous Strength 30s 60s 90s 120s 150s
Boss Rush 30s 60s 90s 120s 150s