Sir Tinybolt

Description: "Yeah, he does sharpen his sword on dragons."
On defeat: "Tapps? Is that you? Sir I don't know what came over me. Here, let me lend my sword to your quest!"

Tinybolt is the 6th Hero available to the player, first appearing at level 25.

Skills Edit

Level Skill Name Icon Price Effect
10 Cut Cut 32.2M Increases Tinybolt's damage by 100%
25 Charge Charge 78.3M Increases Tinybolt's damage by 100%
50 Thrust Thrust 344M Increases all Hero DPS by 25%
75 Shield Break ShieldBreak 1.51B Increases all Hero DPS by 25%
100 Sprint Sprint 6.65B Increases Gold dropped by 25%

Trivia Edit

  • Sir Tinybolt was originally named Pip.
  • Sir Tinybolt's pose is similar to the T pose used by humanoid models that aren't playing any animations.

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